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The HeatShield II The AirVest The CM2000 Women Only
Heat Shield CoverCooling vest - Heatshield II AirvestCooling vest - Air Vest CM2000 VestCooling vest - CM2000 Women OnlyCooling vest - Women Only
    Comes complete with one layer of cooling panels
    Layered cooling panels for 5hr cooling in 100F with two layers
    Humidity layer keeps you cool and dry
    Freezer chargeable cooling panels are easily replaced
    Leggings are an option for extreme heat conditions
    Machine washable
    A constituent part of our FiveMan Freezer
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Heatshield II Cooling Vest

Drops ambient air temperature 20F, 90F air drawn in by the compressor, gives 70F air flow from the vest
Very light weight (1 lb)
Fire retardant and durable
Low air consumption (5.5 CFM average consumption)
Virtually silent operation
AirChaps for extreme heat available (Use for over 140F)
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AirVest Cooling Vest

Complete with one layer of cooling panels
Front zipper makes pockets more accessible.
Extended cooling with two layers, 5hr in 100F
Virtually indestructible
Use Leggings for more cooling power
Lace up construction for  lightweight back support
A constituent part of our FiveMan Freezer
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CM2000 Cooling Vest

Designed for Women
Belt adjustment in back
Cooling Panels included
Fabric hides moisture
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Buy Now size 8-10
Women Only Cooling Vest $169.95

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Freezer Systems
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Cooling Gloves
Cooling Collars
Air Chaps AirChaps
Cooling Gloves
Cooling Collars
AirChaps patented leggings are part of the AirVest system and are used to accompany the AirVest in extreme heat environments. More information...
Use with the HeatShield II and the CM2000 for complete body cooling in attics, crawl spaces, and extreme heat. More information...
The patented AirGloves use shop air to directly cool the hands handling hot work. Only available from ClimatechSafety.
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The CoolWrap collar is charged in a freezer for significant protection from the heat. Popular with runners.
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Airchaps  $289.95 Leggings  $129.95 Cooling Gloves $195.00 Cooling Collars  $14.50
Multi-Phase Cooling Inserts
Insulated Insert Case
RapidFreeze Minirack
HeatShield ToolBelt
Cooling Inserts Insulated Insert Case RapidFreeze Minirack Heatshield Toolbelt
Double the cooling time of your vest with extra cooling panels. Exchange panels or layer panels for extended cooling time.
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Keeps eight cooling inserts charged all day. Maximizes the effectiveness of your ClimatechSafety cooling gear.
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Rapidly freeze 12 cooling inserts in your freezer. Comes with 2 sets of Inserts Aluminum rack conducts heat from panels More information...
Attaches securely to the HeatShield II cooling vest. The weight u is not on your waist but distributed over the entire vest.
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Cooling Inserts  $35.00 Insulated Insert Case  $29.95 RapidFreeze Minirack $195.00 Heatshield Toolbelt  $14.50
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